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Vol. 3 No. 11 January 2005

Stop worrying about managing data growth and just do it

To get some perspective on data growth, let's be a bit contrarian. We're all storing, replicating and backing up more information than ever before, and the volume of data we must deal with increases every year. But is it really so unmanageable? The need for more capacity isn't a new problem. We've been through this with CPU performance and networking bandwidth, and technology has always saved the day. Remember Moore's Law (performance doubles every 18 months)? It continues to hold true with regard to CPU performance. In the area of networking, performance has increased from 10Mb/sec to 100Mb/sec to 1,000Mb/sec and now to 10,000Mb/sec. If someone told us in 1990 how much data would be transmitted over LANs on a daily basis in 2005, we'd probably have questioned their sanity. Is the problem in storage so different? While data is growing enormously, our ability to store data is also expanding. Disk capacity continues to increase dramatically. Today, we're storing terabytes of data and anticipate--with some degree of trepidation--...

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Features in this issue

  • PCI express ready to go

    PCI express on track as next bus architecture.

  • Guests arrive at LTO-3 party

  • Inside ILM

    Information lifecycle management addresses the overall management of information from its creation to its demise. While full ILM applications aren't here yet, you can begin building an information management framework with the data lifecycle in mind.

  • Think thin (provisioning)

  • Back up desktop data

    The job of protecting desktop data is much easier today with applications specifically designed for the job, continuous data protection applications and third-party services.

  • Best storage products of 2004

    Our third annual Products of the Year presents 15 products that could transform the way you manage storage. The editors of Storage and, along with a panel of industry experts, selected these standout products based on innovation and value, among other criteria.

Columns in this issue