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Vol. 1 No. 8 October 2002

Tame e-mail storage - before it eats you alive

Hyperbole-loving analysts love to talk about how we're generating more data now than ever before. They say there will be more data generated in the next two years than in all of human history. And while exact numbers are hazy, anybody dealing with storage knows that corporate e-mail is fueling the data explosion fire. Once a novelty, e-mail has become the backbone of modern business. Research firm IDC estimates corporate e-mail volumes have increased 29% annually, from 9.7 billion per day in 2000 to 16.2 billion this year and 20.9 billion daily messages in 2003. That's 7.6 trillion e-mails next year. Do you know where you're going to store your share? More importantly, do you know how to keep them all available so users can still access them, auditors and lawyers can pore over them and executives can intercept them if necessary? Of course, the problem of e-mail management is much different than simply backing up files and storing a tape on a shelf. Today's enterprise depends on that information to be available, and as users ...

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