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Vol. 1 No. 8 October 2002

Behind the firewall

Netliant is down to six people and one small dog. Things don't look good. @exb We hear the Cisco/Andiamo beta sites have signed contracts whereby they can't say anything but niceties in public, or risk cement shoes. EMC has also been known to muzzle customers in the past. Take what you hear with a grain of salt - no way is Cisco dominating the Fibre Channel (FC) switch world - yet. @exe Wall Street analysts officially hate Brocade's Greg Reyes. We think they're jealous of his looks. Speaking of McData, don't get too carried away that the Brocade lawsuit issue is over, because the judge wouldn't issue an injunction against Brocade. They almost never do in a situation like this. Some of the language does lead one to believe that McData is going to lose this one, however. Merrill Lynch has over 50 Brocade 12000s deployed. That either makes them the most sophisticated - or the dumbest - users in the storage world. We can't figure it out yet. Sun bought Pirus and tied up CEO Rich Napolitano for two years. Brocade bought Rhapsody and ...

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