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Vol. 6 No. 4 June 2007

Best Practices: The science of storage management

Consistency is the key to a disciplined storage operation. A common theme in most IT shops these days is how stressed out the storage department is and how the number of available resources falls short of customer demand. In defense of our brethren, storage environments are getting more complex, data keeps growing at an uprecedented rate and everyone still has only two hands. You can continue to fight fires by adding more bodies to your staff, or you can try to douse the flames once and for all by rethinking the way storage is managed. Micromanagement is a human quality. The more out of control the issue, the more attention it requires. The greater the number of issues you have to deal with, the more likely you'll be interrupted, which means that something will inevitably slip through the cracks. But all is not lost--you can still go from a reactive stance to proactive mode by making a few subtle changes to your environment. Consistency. The key to easing storage management is consistency. Whatever you do, be consistent at it. ...

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