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Vol. 5 No. 1 March 2006

Virtualization--a hard habit to kick

IT PEOPLE WHO get burned by an emerging technology rarely submit themselves to more of the same. But for one survivor of a virtualization project gone wrong, the benefits of the technology were still compelling enough to warrant giving it another shot. Approximately three years ago, Todd Wyman, a senior Unix administrator at a Midwestern manufacturing company, began virtualizing his firm's 30TB of Hitachi and Hewlett-Packard disk using DataCore software. Approximately one year into the project, the environment became "unstable." While Wyman and DataCore differ on the causes of the instability (Wyman blames DataCore's in-band architecture, while DataCore claims Wyman's company hadn't properly configured its redundancy), things were bad enough that the DataCore servers were yanked. Wyman and his co-workers worked for about six weeks to restore the data center to its original, non-virtualized state. Shortly thereafter, they started looking for another virtualization platform. "We missed things like single pane-of-glass management, ...

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