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Vol. 2 No. 10 December 2003

What a difference a year makes

Looking back over the last year, a lot has happened to change the way storage is done. In fact, 2003 will probably go down as a watershed year in several respects. The net effect was that storage networking definitively entered the era of commoditization. There's no turning back. A reasonable definition of storage networking from 2000 would have said that storage area networks (SANs) were composed of monolithic arrays of Fibre Channel (FC) or SCSI drives connected via FC to hosts--in other words, expensive, proprietary and tricky to manage. In 2003, every aspect of that definition was challenged. Icon of high-end storage EMC Corp. now offers its Clariion modular arrays with both SCSI and serial ATA (SATA) drives in the same enclosure. Arrays of all types now have IP ports for iSCSI. And lo and behold, a few products adhering to new management standards even hit the market, holding out hope that SAN manageability might actually surpass dismal in 2004. IP storage will also change the way disaster recovery is done, although that ...

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Features in this issue

  • The pitfalls of smart switches

    Do you want to centralize storage management, cut costs and make your life a whole lot easier? There are a number of storage vendors promising these very things by creating products that move intelligence into the fabric, but smart fabrics will have their own issue.

  • Hot technologies in 2004

    In 2004, flexible, affordable new technologies are beginning to emerge that will open the door for smaller companies and allow them to sample some advanced storage strategies.

  • Reeling in a bigger salary

    The results from the first official survey of storage jobs are out, and you'll want to check them before either your staff's or your own performance review.

  • Starting the ILM process

    Information life cycle management (ILM) is the buzz right now. But too much emphasis is being put on products and not enough on understanding that ILM is really a process. Before you buy in, here's how to analyze what it means for you.

  • Sunny Day for Storage Consolidation

    Avant-garde storage consolidation

  • Is there a need for more speed?

    by  Jeff Moad

    Fibre Channel switch and HBA vendors will be shipping 10Gb/s gear in early 2004. The Fibre Channel Industry Association has just backed a 4Gb/s standard, yet how necessary is this when some enterprises have only recently migrated from 1Gb/s to 2Gb/s?

Columns in this issue

  • EMC and NetApp still think they're competitors

    Storage Bin: EMC and NetApp still think they're competitors; they spend time and money planning defense strategies. Maybe if they paused to think for a minute, they'd see that they're two successful companies growing in vastly different directions.

  • Tiered storage: Heterogeneous vs. homogeneous

    by  Stephen Foskett

    Tiered storage is a hot idea, but implementing it can be trickier than appears. This article defines the two different approaches--heterogeneous and homogeneous--and helps you choose the strategy you should employ.

  • Booting from the SAN

    by  Darryl Brooks

    Although booting from the SAN isn't a widespread practice, it gives an organization many choices in the way it manages server and storage infrastructures.