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April 2016

Good pay, bennies and perks boost data storage jobs

Storage might look like a marginalized technology these days as vendors hype clouds, containers, convergence and a bevy of other buzzwords. But IT departments know better. They know that you can have all the containers and clouds you want, but without data, you're not going to get very far. And storage pros have gotten far. The results of our 13th annual Storage magazine Salary Survey confirm that premise: The average salary for IT pros who spend part or all of their time on data storage jobs is an impressive $97,910. That's a little more than last year's survey revealed and evidence that storage know-how is still a valuable commodity. Our survey gathered detailed compensation information from 186 validated respondents who represented all regions of North America across a wide variety of industry verticals. On average, respondents spend about 27% of their work time on activities related to data storage jobs. Survey respondents exhibited a broad spectrum of skills and interests. While many of them were busy with the more or less ...

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