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April 2016

Enterprise data management starts with clearing clutter

One of the issues I have when vendors pitch cloud archive or cloud backup or cloud storage is that they put the cart before the horse. Before any organization can start replicating data to a cloud -- whether for preservation, protection, security or compliance, or just to free up capacity -- they need to have some sense of what data they are copying. There is no one-size-fits-most strategy when it comes to enterprise data management. While I/O is I/O, bits are bits and blocks are blocks, not all data has the same value to the business. Data inherits its criticality, for example, like so much DNA, from the applications that produce and use it. Applications are only as important as the role they play in a mission-critical business process. Absent any cross-reference to business process/application criticality, data is just a bunch of anonymous magnetic or optical signals. Failure to understand the differences in your data will lead to mistakes in developing plans for disaster recovery, security or compliance. Only a small amount ...

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