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Vol. 7 Num. 13 February 2009

Survival guide for storage managers

Extreme circumstances call for extreme actions. Here are four ways to trim or hold down storage costs this year. By Rich Castagna News flash: The economic situation is grim right now and the short-term outlook isn't much better. Money's tight -- if it's there at all -- and the chance that you'll be able to get help for your beleaguered staff is less than nil. It would be nice to just hunker down and do your best to weather the storm, but for most shops there's still too much happening to just assume a defensive posture and hope for the best. Lousy economy or not, your disk capacity will grow, and now isn't the time to put critical things like disaster recovery (DR) planning on hold. While your business pulls itself up by its proverbial bootstraps this year, there will likely be new applications and more demands on storage systems. With the business world turned on its ear, new thinking is required because "same old" ain't gonna cut it. Here's a basic survival kit for storage managers, with four suggestions for cutting costs ...

Features in this issue

  • The under-over on DR

    One size doesn't fit all, especially when it comes to disaster recovery planning. Learn how to build a multitiered DR services capability.

  • Best storage Products of the Year 2008

    by  SearchStorage Staff

    Scores of excellent storage products were rolled out in the past year, introducing new technologies or adding significant enhancements to tried-and-true storage technologies.

  • Timetable for 10 Gigabit Ethernet

    The next generation of Ethernet is likely to have a profound effect on storage; pumped-up iSCSI performance may challenge Fibre Channel's tier 1 dominance.

Columns in this issue