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Vol. 7 Num. 13 February 2009

Scale-out NAS poised for growth

The compelling economic benefits of deploying scale-out NAS have the technology increasing its footprint in the general storage space. Unstructured data will make up 80% of the information in the corporate data center by 2012. Much of that will continue to be the type of file data IT managers have dealt with for years -- home directories and file shares -- but new file storage requirements are also growing in importance and impact. The massive amount of rich file data generated by audio, video and rich graphics, combined with Web 2.0 applications, is creating demand for innovative file storage products that can economically scale bandwidth and performance to heretofore unheard of capacities. Scale-out NAS refers to systems designed from the ground up for economically dynamic scale and support of extremely high-bandwidth applications. Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) defines scale-out NAS as systems that can be independently scaled in multiple directions -- processor, bandwidth or capacity -- and managed as a single system in a ...

Features in this issue

  • The under-over on DR

    One size doesn't fit all, especially when it comes to disaster recovery planning. Learn how to build a multitiered DR services capability.

  • Best storage Products of the Year 2008

    by  SearchStorage Staff

    Scores of excellent storage products were rolled out in the past year, introducing new technologies or adding significant enhancements to tried-and-true storage technologies.

  • Timetable for 10 Gigabit Ethernet

    The next generation of Ethernet is likely to have a profound effect on storage; pumped-up iSCSI performance may challenge Fibre Channel's tier 1 dominance.

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