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June 2017, Vol. 16, No. 4

Price of cloud storage may be fuzzy

If you believe what you read these days, you might think that all IT operations have moved kit and caboodle to cloud-based services. And if an IT outfit hasn't done so already, it's probably packing up its gear and hanging a "For rent" sign on its data center doors to take advantage of the low price of cloud storage. But that's not what's happening. Sure, some companies were effectively born in the cloud and continue to grow and often thrive there. Netflix and other mega-web darlings are the poster children for that kind of cloud adoption. But it usually isn't the company and its IT department that adopt the cloud. It's more like the cloud adopts these IT-less companies. Broad and shallow Most organizations we talk to aren't anywhere near that level of cloud use, as measured by either the scale of their cloud endeavors or the level of investments made. Over years and a variety of user surveys, TechTarget research has shown that while adoption of cloud storage may indeed be fairly broad, most companies are still dipping just a ...

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