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June 2017, Vol. 16, No. 4

New use cases for flash data storage benefit enterprises

High-performance storage systems have been with us for a while. In the 1990s, these systems were DRAM-based and primarily used to accelerate transaction-oriented databases. The expense of these systems made them hard to justify and limited their use to applications where massive performance acceleration would make the organization more money. Times have changed. High-performance flash data storage systems have become easier to justify as costs have come down, moving them into the enterprise and expanding their adoption. Today, flash is breaking new thresholds in price per gigabyte and, as a result, use cases are changing once again. Flash is the workhorse You used to only deploy flash data storage systems, like their dynamic RAM (DRAM) brethren, for applications that could take advantage of their performance. But flash is now the go-to media for primary data storage. Any application or data set that can justify the use of primary storage can also justify the use of flash. The next step in flash adoption will drive the technology...

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