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July 1, 2012

Tuning storage for database apps

For many companies, business depends on the performance of their database applications. Here’s how to ensure your storage systems are providing all the help the database apps need. With so much recent emphasis on unstructured data, it can be easy to overlook the more formally constructed information held in databases, which are often at the heart of corporate operations. Databases process the information a company needs to do business and, in some cases, like the databases behind a Web storefront, they’re directly involved in the creation of the company’s revenue. The faster a database performs, the more transactions it can process, and the quicker it can deliver answers or contribute to the bottom line. When a database application isn’t performing well, the source of the problem is often the supporting storage system, which could indicate an upgrade is needed to remedy the situation. Of course, an upgrade can be expensive and may not always be as effective as desired. The reality is that improving database performance may not ...

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