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Vol. 11 Num. 8 October 2012

Storage tiering gets more automated

Find out what respondents have to say about the tiered storage practices in their organizations in the latest survey from Storage magazine. Tiering -- putting data on the most appropriate type of storage -- has become one of the basic best practices of effective data storage management, and 53% of our survey respondents report their shop’s storage systems are tiered. That’s about the same number we’ve seen over the last four years, so there haven’t been all that many converts. The big news isn’t how many systems are tiered, but rather how storage tiering is done: 54% of those tiering now use an automated process to handle data movement. That’s more than twice the number from last year and nearly three times as many as four years ago. The other big change is the use of solid-state storage for tier zero; 60% have flash-based tier-zero storage, more than triple the tally from three years ago. The most popular drives for tier one are still 15K rpm disks, with 40% using the SAS version and 20% sticking with Fibre Channel. Among ...

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