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February 2013 Vol. 11 No. 12

The dangers of 3-D printing

Use 3-D printing to build your own data storage array. Or get a 3-D printer and watch your storage array fill up with data. Jon Toigo provides his thoughts on the subject. A while back I read an article in a tech publication that discussed the concerns of toy companies regarding knock-offs of their popular toys being made by do-it-yourselfers using 3-D printing. The article detailed how an increasingly inexpensive 3-D printer -- capable of converting a computer-aided design (CAD) model of an object into a physical (three-dimensional) version of the object by depositing layer upon layer of hardening plastic material -- was being used to "print" things like Lego building blocks and Hasbro Transformers characters. I kept the article in my file folder of topics to track just in case I ever needed another Optimus Prime figure. I was reminded of this clipping when my dear wife told me recently that she wanted one (a 3-D printer, not a Transformers figure) as a holiday or birthday present. It shouldn't have surprised me that she was ...

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  • Cloud has a silver lining for ROBO storage

    by  Mike Matchett

    Providing and managing storage for remote and branch offices can be a challenge, but a hybrid approach using local and cloud-based storage may be the best solution.