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  • Big pay for storage jobs

    by  Rich Castagna

    Storage professionals report the highest average salaries in the four years that Storage magazine has conducted its Storage Salary Survey. See how industry, location, education, company size and management responsibilities can affect the size of your paycheck.

  • HP unveils storage blade

  • Quality Awards II: Surprise Winner--BakBone NetVault is leader of the backup pack

    BakBone Software Inc.'s NetVault, which ranked near the bottom in our 2005 survey, is this year's enterprise-class backup and recovery software winner. We'll tell you how BakBone pulled off this stunning turnaround.

  • Apps to classify and find data

    Data classification may seem like an arcane art, but a growing set of information classification and management products make sorting through your company's data easier than ever. These tools provide the foundation for litigation discovery, cost reduction, record management and retention, archiving, deduplication and usage control.

  • Automate data migration

    Moving seldom-accessed data from primary storage to less-costly storage not only saves money, but can also improve the performance of applications. Hierarchical storage management (HSM) software can help automate the migration of files, but HSM products vary in the way they approach the task. So it's important to identify the requirements of an HSM product before making a choice.

Columns in this issue

  • A new startup promises recordless e-mail

    Storage Bin: A new startup promises recordless e-mail. Is this a stroke of genius that will reward the company with billions of Internet bucks, or is it the end of the world as we know it?