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Vol. 7 No. 9 November 2008

Data migration tips

Data migrations can be complicated, time consuming and happen all too frequently. Here's how to simplify the process. whatever storage media your data sat on a year or two ago, chances are it's moved since then and will likely move again soon. There are plenty of reasons why that data may have to move: maybe the lease is up on an old Fibre Channel (FC) SAN and you're upgrading to new hardware, you're moving to a new data center or you need to move older files to less expensive storage to keep up with soaring data demands. Data migration may be a common chore, but that doesn't mean it's easy. Disk (and tape) drives are linked to applications and business processes through servers, routers, switches, and storage and data networks, not to mention access control policies and other layers of security. The more complex your environment, and the more data you're managing, the less likely you'll be able to use simple copy functions built into operating systems or arrays to pull off your required migrations. Migrating data involves a lot...

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  • Economy down, salaries up

    by  Ellen O'Brien

    Our sixth annual Storage Salary Survey shows storage salaries are rising overall, and climbing even higher as the number of terabytes managed increases. Experienced storage pros remain in demand but many respondents say that heavier workloads, smaller staffs, longer hours and tighter budgets are all contributing to stress and making the job of managing storage even tougher.

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