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April 2013

New storage capacity management tools can make efficiency a reality

Poor provisioning and a lack of storage capacity management tools leads to underused storage systems. New tools and improved processes can make storage efficiency a reality. Storage managers rarely admit they have a capacity management problem. Instead, they're more likely to talk about how big a slice of their IT budget storage eats up or the unpleasantness of unplanned purchase requests. In some cases, the conversation focuses on the high cost per gigabyte of storage. Other managers may be preoccupied with seeking a solution to seemingly unattainable backup windows or impossible disaster recovery scenarios. Some are looking for capacity management tools or processes that can identify and prune obsolete data, while others are buying storage in large chunks annually to get "quantity discounts." What do all of these scenarios have in common? In each case, storage managers are trying to address a symptom without taking a holistic view of a fundamental problem: the lack of an effective storage capacity management regimine. Don't ...

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