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April 2013

Evolution of data storage industry accelerates

Storage technology may not seem to be moving very quickly when measured by old criteria. But a new perspective shows the data storage industry is developing quite briskly. It may sometimes seem that you need a seismic instrument to detect the subtle shifting of storage technologies. A faint tremor might indicate that the data storage industry is heaving slightly in a new direction, but only at the glacial pace we're accustomed to. New storage techs may burst on the scene -- like dedupe about a decade ago, or solid-state over the last few years -- but then they ease into a fairly leisurely pace of adoption. It's like enjoying a big, glitzy opening night and then waiting a couple of weeks, months or years until the next performance. Deduplication is a case in point; while it's arguably a mature technology and it practically monopolized the attention of the storage market for years, our research shows that more than 60% of companies aren't using dedupe in their backup operations. Solid-state storage seems to be following a similar ...

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