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Vol. 10 Num. 5 July 2011

How will tape factor into your cloud?

Disk and tape-based technologies can and should be used in concert to meet the spectrum of data protection requirements. Find out why tape may have a second life in the cloud. Cloud storage discussions are typically centered on cost savings and keeping everything online and always available somewhere in the ether, but without taking up valuable space the way tape does. So, does the advent of cloud-based infrastructure and applications mean tape is finally going away? Surveying today's tape landscape, the answer is a definitive no . . . no matter how often we hear the death knell toll for tape. In recent years, tape was focused on the data center and the middle-to-high end of the small- to medium-sized business (SMB) market with decreasing penetration below this level. Disk has been edging into tape's traditional backup and recovery role by using faster disk arrays that appear as tape libraries -- virtual tape libraries (VTLs) -- and disk-based deduplication to reduce the amount of storage needed. These days, tape is utilized by ...

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  • Build a private storage cloud

    by  Phil Goodwin, Contributor

    Private storage clouds might seem like a rehash of old technology, but there are major potential benefits once you cut through the hype. Here's what you need to know to get started

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