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Vol. 9 Num. 3 May 2010

The business of storage

A storage vendor may have great technology, but the bottom line is how fit it is for survival in the storage marketplace. Everyone knows that to stay current, a storage manager needs to keep "teched up" by reading tons of technical articles, white papers, product specs and testing results. But to truly keep up with storage these days, your newspapers' business pages need to be on your reading list, too. While poring through all the data we collect with our twice-yearly Storage Purchasing Intentions surveys (see "Storage managers can reach for their wallets again"), I always find it interesting that storage managers consistently rank the financial stability of a vendor as one of the least important factors -- if not the least important factor -- in making a purchase decision. Financial criteria isn't just ranked low vs. things like product features, familiarity with the vendor's other products, tech support and the perception that a vendor is a leader in their market, it's barely a consideration, with typically only 1% or 2% of ...

Features in this issue

  • Storage managers can reach for their wallets again

    The outlook for data storage managers in 2010 is a little brighter according to our Storage Purchasing Intentions survey. Find out what technologies respondents are looking at.

  • Hard disk drive technology trends

    Solid state is emerging as a viable enterprise storage alternative, but there's lots of life left in hard disk drives, with higher capacity, greener and more capable drives coming.

  • Alternatives to RAID

    RAID has been around for a long time and done a good job of protecting data. But high-capacity drives and new performance demands have spurred development of RAID alternatives.

  • Storage tiering getting more automated

    In our survey, 50% of respondents use a tiered system in their storage shops, about the same as last year. But more automated methods are being used to move data from tier to tier.

Columns in this issue

  • Taking control of storage operational costs in 2010

    by  Terri McClure

    The deep freeze in IT spending is starting to thaw and IT organizations are shifting from cost-reduction mode to cost containment.

  • Content chaos

    by  Tony Asaro

    The world of file content and NAS storage is disjointed and fraught with error; we need to unravel the problem of massive file stores before the issue gets too big to handle.

  • The business of storage

    A storage vendor may have a great technology, but the bottom line is how fit it is for survival in the marketplace. So put down that spec sheet and pick up the business section.