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Vol. 1 No. 5 July 2002

Don't get burnt in the fire sale

The storage industry is at a crossroads. The road least likely to be taken is "business as usual," if the deep discounts you've been extracting from vendors are any indication. The road most of you seem bent on taking is "solid stuff for a lot less." Can the industry provide that? EMC, dominant for so long, has had to drop prices dramatically, and still, has been much more successful in recent months with its midrange Clariion line than flagship Symmetrix. We've reported that some users are passing up IBM's Shark in favor of the firm's faster, cheaper FAStT line (made by LSI Logic). And the story's the same all over. Sure, the economy is awful. But more to the point, the storage industry is emerging from a minicomputer-like world: proprietary gear, closed software, expensive service contracts. Many forces are cracking that model. You now have the chance to pick and choose products and vendors who can deliver stuff that makes solid technical sense without burning your budget down. You also have the chance to buy stuff that makes ...

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