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December 2013 Vol. 12 No. 10

Storage infrastructure management is still elusive

There's more to storage infrastructure management than ensuring performance and scalability needs. New architectures are doing a better job of managing storage resources. We've been on a multi-decade crusade to address performance and basic storage management tasks to handle things such as protecting data in place, and scaling and expanding our data storage systems to meet new requirements. But today, when performance and scaling and expansion issues are addressed, it will be revealed that the last major challenge in the data center is storage management. Storage management is a massive challenge, and the enormity and complexity of this task are why it always seems to be addressed last, after performance and other core storage features. But just because it's often overlooked or given a low priority doesn't mean it's not important. In fact, the level of efficiency with which storage is managed can make or break a data center. Today, midrange storage systems run in the neighborhood of $3 to $5 per gigabyte at street prices. But ...

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