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Vol. 1 No. 9 November 2002

It still comes down to good old backup and restore

I've been out in the field and heard a few misconceptions I'd like to clear up about InfiniBand and world peace At the recent Storage Decisions conference (run by the owners of this magazine), I had a few interesting conversations with some of you real people, which led to this little article. Figured I'd clear up a few things for the masses. Is InfiniBand dead? Nope. IB has fallen prey to horrific marketing, but the bottom line is it will rear it's not-so-ugly head exactly where it always was going to–in high-performance computing and database implementations, such as Oracle 9iRAC and IBM DB2. IB is a super low-latency, megafast bus that will tie your data center servers together sooner or later. You'll be able to effectively build supercomputers out of commodity gear. I even suspect that perpetual technology follower Dell (albeit they tend to follow, then run over everyone else) may even lead the pack as far as the server guys go. They've figured out that IB puts them in a position to potentially crush giant Unix boxes, and at...

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