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Vol. 1 No. 9 November 2002

Hot Spots: Create a storage services group now

The key to an effective storage infrastructure is a dedicated group that is further subdivided to develop services, engineer them and operate them Hearken back to IT about 15 years ago. Computing was restricted to the data center or a few lucky departments. Storage was thought of as a system peripheral, connected to a host system through proprietary channel technologies such as ESCON, IPI-3 or SDI. Because storage was thought of as a part of the system, storage management was placed in the domain of system administrators who were responsible for procuring, implementing, managing and protecting the data associated with each system. Now fast forward. Today the evolution and proliferation of computing and networking technologies has led to new applications, distributed systems and users, and mountains of new data. To cope with these changes, IT organizations have evolved, creating network, database and application groups in the process. Yet, in spite of technology change and massive new storage requirements, storage management and ...

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