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Vol. 1 No. 9 November 2002

Guidelines to troubleshooting your SAN.

Yes, you can navigate the maze of cables and devices and find out what ails your SAN. The key is to start at the right place and proceed systematically, ruling out one cause at a time Troubleshooting storage area networks (SANs) is daunting. Never before have we had so many network devices between our application host and storage. Until a few years ago, all we had was an HBA and a disk controller with a thick, cumbersome cable in the middle. Back then, troubleshooting your storage connection was a less formidable task. The Fibre Channel protocol model FC4 Protocol mapping for upper layer protocols FC3 Common services (e.g., name, alias, time servers) FC2 Framing and flow control FC1 Encoding/decoding of data character and bits FC0 Physical signaling interface Now, that thick cable has been replaced by a myriad of interconnects enabling multiple data paths between hosts and storage. And just as when we decoupled user terminals from their mainframe controllers, there's quite a bit that can go wrong with a hosts' ability to gain ...

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