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Vol. 1 No. 9 November 2002

Director or core switch: which one works for you?

In today's san (storage area network) environment, Fibre Channel (FC) switch architectures have pro-gressed beyond the either/or choices of yesterday. It used to be either you needed a high-availability FC switch chassis architecture or you didn't-and then chose accordingly. For many organizations, that time has passed. Server, switch and storage consolidations, higher uptime requirements and cost-cutting efforts across the enterprise now require an integration of high availability and scalability from all FC switch architectures, regardless of which vendor provides the solution. With these increased requirements, the need to choose and build the right FC switch architecture for your organization has never been greater. Sampling of switch players New SAN switch companies: Cisco opens the Andiamo kimono (somewhat) Sun buys Pirus (Analysts say for $160 million. The Pirus PSX-1000 switch has advanced management capabilities and is multiprotocol) LightSand Communications (SANs over wide-area SONET networks) Nishan Systems (connects ...

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