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Special Edition, April 2019

Your move to the cloud should be a walk, not a run

By now, you've no doubt heard countless industry pundits and analysts proclaim that the cloud is the present and the future. Not only do you need a cloud-first strategy, but you need a multi-cloud strategy, they say. There's certainly some truth in these proclamations, but the tone behind today's multi-cloud hype leaves little room for careful planning. Yes, there is urgency for organizations to take advantage of today's cloud services to accelerate infrastructure delivery and help the business innovate in a competitive environment. But if you don't plot out your move to the cloud, you'll likely stumble along the way. There's no shortage of cautionary tales sprinkled among the success stories regarding a move to the cloud. One of the biggest misconceptions about the cloud is that it will save you money -- a selling point business executives sometimes point to when they issue a cloud-first mandate. Time and again I've talked with exasperated IT managers who watched their cloud bills grow out of control with no insight into what's...

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