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  • Fast CAS facts

  • Backup and archiving get closer together

  • How SANs aid backup

    by  Bradley Hughey

    The primary motivation for building a SAN is often to meet a pressing need for performance, scalability or both. But today's new SAN buyers are looking for more than performance and scalability; they're interested in better ways of protecting their data, using such techniques as snapshots of SAN volumes and sometimes even relying on newer technologies to replace traditional backups.

  • CommVault Galaxy, EMC Retrospect best of the backup apps

    In general, product ratings for the third annual Diogenes Labs-Storage magazine Quality Award for backup and recovery software increased over last year's scores. CommVault's Galaxy, this year's enterprise-class winner, returned to the winner's circle after losing its crown to BakBone NetVault: Backup last year. In the SMB area, EMC's Retrospect also returned to the top spot after a one-year hiatus.

  • New rules, new game for compliance and ediscovery

    by  Jay Brudz

    The updated Federal Rules of Civil Procedure set new standards for electronically stored information, and may have a significant bearing on how your company manages its digital documents. Some of the country's top legal experts weigh-in with suggestions on how to create retention policies that can keep your company on the right side of the law.

  • Protect Exchange data

    by  Jerome Wendt

    Email is now firmly established as a critical application, with more than 60% of enterprises using Microsoft Exchange for their corporate email, according to Gartner. This widespread adoption of Microsoft Exchange, and growing electronic discovery requirements, make protecting it a more complicated proposition than just performing simple backups and recoveries.

  • New role for tape libraries

    by  Jerome Wendt

    Tape libraries are finally assuming the role they were designed for: longterm protection and preservation of data. But as disk assumes its new role as the initial target for backups and the source for restores, tape library vendors need to shore up their abilities to interact with disk libraries and provide users with some definitive answers on encryption.

  • Understanding dedupe ratios

    by  Jerome Wendt

    Data deduplication ratios are related to the number of changes occurring to the data.

Columns in this issue

  • Editorial: Backing up garbage

  • Best Practices: Sorting out remote-office backup

    Remote-office data has always been something of a corporate orphan when it came to backup. Once upon a time, "out of sight, out of mind" might have worked, but times have changed. Regulatory compliance, legal liability issues and the cost of producing data for ediscovery make it clear remote data can no longer be ignored.

  • Hot Spots: Managing storage in a virtual server world

    Server virtualization is the big data center story, and storage managers need to design their storage systems to take advantage of a virtualized server environment. There are steps you can take now to ensure that your storage systems are up to the task.