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Vol. 1 No. 6 August 2002

Storage managers plan more SANs

What's driving budgets? With the economy still stuck in neutral at the bottom of the hill, many storage managers are wondering whether next year will be as frugal as the last year or more like the "buy what you need and then some" years of the late '90s. Robert Gray, research director, storage, for IDC, says "People are going to be conservative about what they buy. Productivity projects are going to be at the forefront, including server consolidation and management software." With so much uncertainty about the economy, "Most companies don't even have 2003 budgets yet," says Ferrol Macon, director of storage technologies for system integrator Solarcom, Norcross, GA. "Most companies are planning out only three - and at the most - six months in advance." With that caveat in mind, Storage is conducting a comprehensive 2003 Purchasing Intentions Survey. This large-scale survey will be completed in the fall, but we felt that the initial response (gathered in June) was meaningful enough to publish and would be helpful as you go into ...

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    by  Randy Kerns

    Why doesn't my mail client software create a lock for e-mail files if it's reading it off a NAS device? Which non-EMC NAS devices provide a gateway to connect to an EMC Symmetrix SAN?

  • Storage managers plan more SANs

    by  Mark Schlack

    Our extensive survey of 2003 spending plans documents continuing networked storage growth and selective adoption of new technology.

  • The price of independence

    by  David Braue

    As storage has become more strategic, so has the need for focused professionals. Here's how some companies are working that out.

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