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Vol. 7 No. 1 March 2008

More Storage 3.0 predictions

These days, it's hard to avoid the phrase Storage 3.0. The next-wave storage trend relies on the premise that storage systems will be built on increasingly standardized hardware components, and that those storage systems will be policy driven, services oriented and object centric. At least that's how Framingham, MA-based industry research firm IDC sees it. Of course, the Storage 3.0 wave is fueled in part by the Web 2.0 phenomenon. Indeed, a few weeks after IDC released its 2008 Top 10 storage predictions report, EMC introduced Fortress, its new SaaS infrastructure aimed at helping the company deliver online services--an announcement right in line with IDC's No. 1 prediction that online storage services will be viewed as a viable option. One way to consider the Storage 3.0 revolution is to focus on tighter integration between all those new applications and your storage systems, says Benjamin Woo, VP of enterprise storage systems at IDC and a member of the team of analysts who co-authored the Top 10 list report. The second ...

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Features in this issue

  • Arrays score with both file and block storage

    Multiprotocol arrays that support block- and file-based storage through a single controller give users the best of both worlds: NAS for file-based information, and Fibre Channel or ISCSI block-based storage for databases and other transactional apps.

  • Case study: NY Mets add deduplication to roster

    With an extensive lineup of corporate data, photos and video, the Mets needed to recruit some backup help. The call went out for low-cost disk backup configuration, including deduplication and compression to reduce the amount of data to be backed up, as well as WAN optimization/acceleration to speed up the replication process. After much consideration, Data Domain was drafted for the job.

  • Ask the Expert:RAID rebuilds

    I run four 400GB SATA drives configured with RAID 5. I want to replace them with four 750GB drives. Can I rebuild and then swap individual drives?

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