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Vol. 7 No. 1 March 2008

Hot Spots: Tap virtual servers, storage for all they're worth

I/O obstacles could throw a monkey wrench into virtual server environments, but there are alternatives to traditional methods. It's no secret that virtualization services are proliferating in the data center. Server virtualization has become one of the most significant agents of change in today's IT shop. In addition to enabling far greater server utilization rates, this technology offers corresponding power and cooling benefits that many IT organizations find attractive. In response to successful server virtualization efforts, many companies are now developing storage virtualization products that offer single pools of storage, thin provisioning and snapshot to create similar efficiencies. To take full advantage of server virtualization benefits like app mobility and high-availability/disaster recovery (HA/DR) capabilities, virtualized servers need networked storage. According to a recent ESG research report, "Server Virtualization: The Impact on Storage," 86% of respondents using server virtualization support their virtualized ...

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Features in this issue

  • Arrays score with both file and block storage

    Multiprotocol arrays that support block- and file-based storage through a single controller give users the best of both worlds: NAS for file-based information, and Fibre Channel or ISCSI block-based storage for databases and other transactional apps.

  • Case study: NY Mets add deduplication to roster

    With an extensive lineup of corporate data, photos and video, the Mets needed to recruit some backup help. The call went out for low-cost disk backup configuration, including deduplication and compression to reduce the amount of data to be backed up, as well as WAN optimization/acceleration to speed up the replication process. After much consideration, Data Domain was drafted for the job.

  • Ask the Expert:RAID rebuilds

    I run four 400GB SATA drives configured with RAID 5. I want to replace them with four 750GB drives. Can I rebuild and then swap individual drives?

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