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Vol. 7 No. 1 March 2008

Blue in the face about green: Editorial

Blue in the face about green I feel like throwing the window open and shouting "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!" Sure, I'd be swiping Peter Finch's line from the 1976 movie Network, but despite my lack of originality, it would sum up how I feel about the issue of power consumption related to IT gear. You know, the "green" thing. Finch melts down in that classic flick, and while I haven't quite reached that precipice yet, I'm beginning to wonder if systems vendors, including the usual storage suspects, are just a bit off their collective rockers. Despite the rising cost of power and an increasing level of awareness about global warming and energy consumption, it seems that many of these vendors are content to pitch platitudes to storage managers looking to save a dime and maybe even find a real eco-friendly solution. I've sounded off before regarding the number of "green" consortiums popping up over the last year or so. The idea of having to join a club to do something about how much power the equipment you ...

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Features in this issue

  • Arrays score with both file and block storage

    Multiprotocol arrays that support block- and file-based storage through a single controller give users the best of both worlds: NAS for file-based information, and Fibre Channel or ISCSI block-based storage for databases and other transactional apps.

  • Case study: NY Mets add deduplication to roster

    With an extensive lineup of corporate data, photos and video, the Mets needed to recruit some backup help. The call went out for low-cost disk backup configuration, including deduplication and compression to reduce the amount of data to be backed up, as well as WAN optimization/acceleration to speed up the replication process. After much consideration, Data Domain was drafted for the job.

  • Ask the Expert:RAID rebuilds

    I run four 400GB SATA drives configured with RAID 5. I want to replace them with four 750GB drives. Can I rebuild and then swap individual drives?

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