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August 2014 Vol. 13 No. 6

Low expectations yield disappointing technology ideas

Maybe it's a sign of the times: the earnings reports of leading storage array vendors are in the tank, product announcements tend to be humdrum "incremental releases," and unemployed smart guys are contacting me to ask if I know of any job opportunities. Makes you wonder if the Great Recession is really over. A short time ago, an article in the San Jose Mercury News reported an uptick in plastic surgeries in Northern California. What distinguished this particular rise, the reporter noted, was that the folks in the doctors' waiting rooms are now predominantly men seeking procedures that will "de-age" them so they can find work among Silicon Valley startups. Turns out, if you're over 30 (and look it), it's assumed you don't have any fresh or innovative technology ideas left in your kit. A lot of my friends are pushing 60 and can remember when it was their generation that declared anyone over 30 as untrustworthy -- so I guess it's a case of what goes around comes around. But a lot of these underemployed "old-timers" know exactly ...

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