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Vol. 2 No. 8 October 2003

Making sense of data storage management options

If i had a nickel for every storage management software product, I could buy lunch. That's because the last time I counted, there were 114 software products from 30 vendors--all claiming to help you manage your storage. And this doesn't count products in development, waiting to be rescued from bankrupt vendors or products I overlooked. Storage management life cycle A key requirement of business continuity is that there's sufficient distance between data storage locations so that a disaster that wipes out one site is unlikely to wipe out another site. To make this situation worse, these products are often described using the same confusing terms, and claim the same benefits. Storage resource management (SRM) products usually analyze the contents of host storage (the number, type and attributes of files), but not always. Each suite has its own set of functions, but many don't even offer SRM functionality. There are some big gaps in the market, too. While more than a dozen packages offer accounting, device management and SAN ...

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  • Spend less on storage

    by  Marc Farley

    Serial ATA disks can save you big bucks, but there's a bigger story here. By using RAID and a SAN, you can overcome many of its inherent reliability and performance limitations. It's time to rethink many of your assumptions about storage costs.

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