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Vol. 5 No. 5 July 2006

What is Information lifecycle security management?

Goodbye storage security; hello information lifecycle security Information lifecycle security is a new approach to securing data based on the value of the content. SINCE JOINING THE Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) in 2003, I've done a ton of research, analysis and consulting on storage security requirements and best practices. I've talked to hundreds of storage professionals and given dozens of presentations about storage security at industry events. What I quickly learned in talking with storage professionals is that what I thought of as obligatory storage security "blocking and tackling" was beyond the capabilities of many sophisticated storage shops. Some smart storage executives dismissed the need for security, or equated storage security with basic SAN configuration stuff and backup/restore operations. Others agreed that a storage security problem existed, but they didn't have the skill or resources to address it. What's more, they received little help from their vendors. The situation was grim. First steps to security Fast...

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Features in this issue

  • Backup apps: More choices beyond the big three

    With numerous applications and a variety of hardware and software platforms, a single enterprise backup software product may not suffice for many companies. A bevy of backup applications that aren't as well-known as "the big three" may be better architected to handle new requirements.

  • Cut data down to size

    by  Arun Taneja

    With today's extreme data growth rates, adding disk-based protection is no longer an option but a requisite. Data reduction can help ease growth pains by paring down the data that goes to disk. There are many products with data-reduction capabilities available, but the technologies they use vary widely.

  • Survey Says: Users make wish list of VTL features

  • Talk is cheap

  • The best way to expand a SAN

    Building a new SAN or extending an existing SAN requires careful planning to strike the right balance between performance, cost, scalability, high availability and ease of management. Read how to determine what architecture is best for your company's storage access needs.

  • What's holding up ILM?

    While vendors work to fill in the gaps in the information lifecycle management stack and connect the pieces, IT and business units must hammer out a manageable set of policies to drive the ILM process in their organizations.

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