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Vol. 6 No. 6 August 2007

Editorial: Backup done right and not so right

Backup done right and not so right This is a story of what to do and what not to do if you're a vendor trying to gain the favor of storage managers, and perhaps persuade them to open their billfolds at the same time. It's about a couple of product announcements: one promising and the other perplexing. At first, I thought I could talk about this stuff without naming names, but that didn't seem very honest and I'd end up shortchanging a vendor that, in my book, had done a good job. CommVault, which has been chiseling away at the big three's backup app hegemony over the last few years, rolled out a newly packaged suite of data protection products wrapped around its flagship Galaxy backup program. It even deep-sixed its old QiNetix suite moniker in favor of the newly minted Simpana. While the name "Simpana" isn't my favorite part of the announcement--it sounds like something a doctor might prescribe-- there's a lot to like about what CommVault has done. Besides adding new features such as file-level single-instance storage and data ...

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Features in this issue

  • VTL gets a boost from backup apps

  • Fibre Channel director face-off: Brocade vs. Cisco

    by  Jerome Wendt

    Fibre Channel directors are the choice for consolidating isolated SAN fabrics. Brocade's 48000 Director and Cisco's MDS 9513 Multilayer Director are the undisputed leaders in this small field, but they offer very different paths to storage services and consolidation options. We'll help you decide which company's product is the best director for your storage environment.

  • Data destruction: When data should disappear

    Most companies don't have a detailed policy that governs what data they need to keep and what data should be destroyed. Deciding on the destruction levels you're comfortable with is the easiest part of this puzzle. The most complicated piece is figuring out what to destroy and when, and then sticking to it.

  • Survey Says: Features, familiar vendors are key to storage purchases

    Features, familiar vendors are key to storage purchases

  • How to write an archiving program RFP

    by  Sharon Fisher

    With so many archiving systems on the market, putting together a request for proposal (RFP) for an archiving program for structured, semistructured or unstructured data is a key step. It's equally important that your team is well-prepared to evaluate vendor proposals so you'll end up with a product that fits your company's needs at a price that doesn't break your budget.

  • Demystifying Unix dump

    by  David J. Young

    dump is a powerful tool to back up Unix files. In this excerpt from W. Curtis Preston's new book, Backup & Recovery: Inexpensive Backup Solutions for Open Systems, the dump utility is described in detail, including how it works, when to use it and exactly what can go wrong at various stages of the dump backup process.

Columns in this issue