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Vol. 1 No. 4 June 2002

Will SAN File Systems Play Larger Management Role?

Typical SAN file systems, often used for niche applications such as digital video editing and pre-press production, are being positioned to play a more prominent storage management role. At least, that's what recent news from IBM and ADIC seems to suggest, as well as rumors from SGI. These file systems, examples of which include ADIC's CentraVision, SGI's CXFS, Tivoli's SANergy, and soon, it would seem, IBM's Storage Tank, work by taking the file system off the host, and running it directly in the network. As such, SAN file systems deliver "a single point of management and a single namespace," and "common management for all files on the network," IBM writes in a white paper. More to the point, SAN file systems provide concurrent, heterogeneous file sharing, "where the reader and writer of the exact same data can run different operating systems," IBM writes. Certainly, that's what end users usually turn to SAN file systems for. For example, ADIC customer Digital FilmWorks, a digital effects studio, uses CentraVision to allow ...

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  • Now, That's a Cluster!

    Lawrence Livermore National Labs is pushing the envelope with a new storage cluster that mates 115TB of networked disk with a massive cluster of 600 dual Pentium 4 servers.

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