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Vol. 1 No. 4 June 2002

Security - from a storage perspective

Protect that big fat rhino Storage security. It's not just for breakfast anymore. It's about to become a big deal, a very big deal No one ever thought about security from a storage perspective because you really didn't need to. In a direct-attached world, the only way to get to the storage data was through that server, so we protected the server, and the network leading to the server, and that was enough. The new world that we live in now - a world where storage is networked behind servers - presents a new collection of security problems. Can't IPSec or any of the other security measures take care of it? No way, San Jose. Transmitted data out on the wire represents just a fraction of the crown jewels we call our corporate data. At any given time, maybe a small percentage is ever in transit - the bulk is at our data storage repository. We've worried about the transit part, but we've never really considered the back end where all the good stuff really sits. We've protect the LAN, because that's where all of our data access and ...

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  • Now, That's a Cluster!

    Lawrence Livermore National Labs is pushing the envelope with a new storage cluster that mates 115TB of networked disk with a massive cluster of 600 dual Pentium 4 servers.

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