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Vol. 1 No. 4 June 2002

Real problems, virtual solutions

Is 2002 the year of virtualization? Or just the year of virtualization hype? Full of fire, we set out to find the early adopters, the cutting-edge dudes, who were pioneering virtualization and find out what they were learning. Was it a technology that lives up to its promise? What were the minefields they had to cross to implement it? What we found is that not many storage managers are even in the early days of implementing virtualization. In fact, not many of you even use the word virtualization. Richard Scannell of GlassHouse Technologies, who contributes to our Integration column, told me recently that of the last 100 IT managers he's spoken to, not one of them used the term virtualization. It's a buzzword in the worse sense - a word that hides a lot of difficult problems under one lazy umbrella. Don't get me wrong. The concept of virtualizing storage into logical abstractions is a fine idea, in the best traditions of layered software. The problem is that the storage industry has a tendency to shout, "Virtualization!" as an ...

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  • Now, That's a Cluster!

    Lawrence Livermore National Labs is pushing the envelope with a new storage cluster that mates 115TB of networked disk with a massive cluster of 600 dual Pentium 4 servers.

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