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Vol. 1 No. 4 June 2002

Making Sense of EMC's Centera

April's unveiling by EMC (see May 2002) of its petabyte-scale, IDE-based Centera for storing fixed content - write-once data - has people thinking how best to pigeonhole this decidedly different array. EMC, of course, would have us believe that Centera is in a class all its own, specifically, Content Addressed Storage, or CAS. Unlike other inexpensive disk arrays such as NetApp's IDE-based NearStore, Centera is not being positioned as an online backup solution, or as a replacement for tape. Rather, EMC is pointing Centera at "data and documents that have thus far resisted being captured digitally," (e.g., archived paper documents such as cancelled checks) says John Webster, senior analyst and founder of the Data Mobility Group. But according to Tom Hickman, senior product manager at EMC partner Connected Corp., a workstation backup service provider, Connected purchased Centera to replace the StorageTek libraries currently used to store customer backups. Still, StorageTek doesn't appear particularly threatened. "We're very ...

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  • Now, That's a Cluster!

    Lawrence Livermore National Labs is pushing the envelope with a new storage cluster that mates 115TB of networked disk with a massive cluster of 600 dual Pentium 4 servers.

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