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Vol. 1 No. 4 June 2002

Delete old data ... really

Think the most intimate details of your medical history are well-kept secrets between you and your doctor? Think again. A large healthcare provider in Los Angeles was recently sued after a patient's medical records were recovered from a hard drive sold for salvage. Two thousand miles east, some enterprising reporters for a Minneapolis television station decided to take some leased computers to a data recovery service to see what they could find on the hard drives. As it turned out, there was plenty of juicy information waiting for them - including names, addresses, social security numbers and tax records of past users of the systems. The troubling thing about these stories is they weren't necessarily the result of carelessness, according to the hospital's attorney and the service that uncovered the Minneapolis records. The people responsible for protecting the sensitive information may have thought they had deleted all the important files by performing a standard reformat before relinquishing the equipment, only to discover ...

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  • Now, That's a Cluster!

    Lawrence Livermore National Labs is pushing the envelope with a new storage cluster that mates 115TB of networked disk with a massive cluster of 600 dual Pentium 4 servers.

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