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Vol. 1 No. 12 February 2003

The iSCSI rollout--it's about time.

It has taken me a while, but I've finally figured it all out. The words that follow will enlighten you as to exactly why and how the iSCSI rollout will finally happen. And because I'm rarely wrong on such heady matters, (note: limited sarcasm) you can take this to the bank. But first, what was the big hold up? Alas, the various factions took six months longer than they should have. They still smoked the Fibre Channel (FC) standards efforts any way you slice it. Here's where we are in networked storage: FC block storage networks kicks butt and rules the data center. So what's the next step? I'm glad you asked. The next step is to look in the mirror and face facts, dude. You nailed the data center and that's cool, but have you noticed the mess outside the glass room? You know what I'm talking about--it's those 2500 tier two, three, or four servers that each have 100GB of disk in them that cause all the real management stress. Maybe you only paid $3,800 bucks for each of those machine that run SQL Server, Exchange, Notes and act as...

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Features in this issue

  • Midrange Arrays Inherit High-End Smarts

    Virtualization layers, once a feature of only the most expensive storage subsystems, are beginning to ship with midrange storage systems.

  • Optimize database storage

    by  Jim Booth

    In this article, author and consultant Jim Booth maintains that different database objects may each require their own type of storage to make the database operations run more smoothly. Whether you're dealing with tablespaces, indexes, redo logs or archives -- there's a right and wrong storage choice for each database component. This article explains what they are.

  • Inside the new Symmetrix

    by  Michael Desmond

    Inside the new Symmetrix

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