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July 2017, Vol. 16, No. 5

IT infrastructure transformation: Backbone of the digital revolution

One of the prevailing trends in IT is digital transformation and the IT infrastructure transformation that accompanies it. Sounds relatively straightforward, right? Well, becoming a more digital-enabled business is about a lot more than simply building a mobile app. Digital transformation enables you to better engage customers, run your core business more efficiently and enter new markets through new processes and products as well as data analytics. The final implementation and outcome will vary based on your industry and business, of course, but the central idea remains the same: Leveraging data becomes a central element to your business's core strategy. And while you may offload services to Office 365 or Salesforce, the workloads that remain on premises will likely be more strategic, such as for introducing digital products. So IT changes from a department that implements best practices for general-purpose applications to one that defines or enables new custom practices and workflows that serve to differentiate your digital ...

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