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Vol. 8 Num. 9 January 2010

Storage should get more interesting in 2010

There was plenty of buzz about solid state and VMware in 2009, but here's hoping that the real storage innovations will come in 2010. It could be one of those "out with the old, in with the new" things, but with the calendar turning a page and our economy begin to shrug off the effects of a numbing recession, I think it's a good time to look at the state of the data storage industry. We've seen aggressive sales promotions like the "cash for clunkers" discounts on new storage arrays that a few vendors have been pushing. And I'm sure there are plenty of storage managers who are reveling in the moment where it looks like the vendors' backs are up against the wall for a change. But it's more instructive to look at how product lines have been shaped or reshaped over the last year or so. Our Purchasing Intentions surveys have shown that over the last few years storage buyers' criteria for selecting particular disk system vendors over others has shifted. Once upon a time it was strictly a features game, with storage managers finding a ...

Features in this issue

  • Everything you need to know about vSphere and data storage

    With vSphere, VMware addresses many of the past storage-related shortcomings that created headaches for storage pros.

  • SAS challenges Fibre Channel drives

    In their 3 Gbps incarnation, SAS drives have proved popular in low-end and nearline data storage systems, but at 6 Gbps, SAS-2 poses a serious threat to Fibre Channel interface drives and could change the landscape of high-end storage arrays.

  • Ford's storage ledger balances capacity decisions

    Storage shops often struggle with anticipating new capacity requirements and ensuring that business needs can be met. After virtualizing its storage, Ford Motor Co. took a unique approach to allocation issues and made capacity planning as simple as balancing a checkbook.

  • Remote-office backup not getting much easier

    Our monthly survey shows that backing up remote and branch offices is still a tough nut to crack for some companies. But newer tools -- like data dedupe -- are helping to ensure that remote data is protected.

  • Quality Awards IV: HP and IBM unseat NetApp

    NetApp, winner of all three previous Quality Awards for midrange NAS systems and one for enterprise NAS products, gets nudged aside as Hewlett-Packard and IBM prevail in our latest survey.

Columns in this issue

  • Cloud storage: Just another storage tier?

    by  Terri McClure

    Storage vendors have become so enamored of the term "cloud storage" that it's hard to tell what it means anymore. But if you can get past the marketing hype, you'll find cloud storage has been adopted in some sectors as a data archive tier, and has been delivering cost-saving benefits for quite some time.

  • Storage should get more interesting in 2010

    Despite the buzz about solid state and storage for VMware environments, 2009 wasn't a particularly banner year for standout storage technologies. Here's hoping the real storage innovations will come in 2010.