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Vol. 4 No. 2 April 2005

Survey says: What's hot, what's not

Twice a year, TheInfoPro (TIP) interviews storage administrators from Fortune 1000 companies and asks them how soon they plan to deploy particular technologies, and how much they'll spend doing so. The result is TIP's "Heat Index." Wave 4 of the survey, released in February, shows Serial ATA drives, IP storage and archiving are all hot. Respondents were cool to 4Gb Fibre Channel and downright glacial about solid state disk.

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Features in this issue

  • Pros and cons of VTLs

    by  W. Curtis Preston

    VTLs aren't perfect, and this tip outlines some caveats about the technology that you need to know before implementing a VTL.

  • First Look: Crossroads Systems' DataMover 240f

    Crossroads Systems' DataMover 240f is a SAN edge device that takes on one of the most vexing backup bottlenecks by keeping data flowing through the network pipes.

  • Are SATA drives ready for the enterprise?

    SATA drives are great low-cost alternatives to pricey Fibre Channel and SCSI drives, but they lack the reliability and performance that mission-critical applications demand. But new technologies are bringing SATA up to enterprise-class standards.

  • Keep track of backups

    Backup reporting tools help track backup failures and determine their cause. Some tools can identify weak links in your backup processes where there's a potential for failure.

Columns in this issue