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  • Tools to test your DR plan

    by  Robert L. Scheier

    Periodically testing a disaster recovery (DR) plan is essential, but it can be a time-consuming and expensive task. New tools that check DR configurations and constantly monitor your site's readiness to recover from a disaster can cut costs and testing time, and provide a level of confidence that your DR plan will actually work when it's needed.

  • Legal toolkit for storage systems

    Storage managers may be reluctant to admit it, but they and the storage systems they manage are key players in most companies' compliance and legal readiness procedures. While ediscovery is the current buzzword, there's currently no all-encompassing ediscovery tool on the market. But you can assemble an effective toolkit with some of the point products that are available now.

  • Ask the Expert: NFS vs. CIFS

    What should you consider when choosing between Network File Sharing (NFS) or Common Internet File System (CIFS)?

  • Automate storage management

    by  Rich Bourdeau

    IT process automation tools provide workflows that can help automate manual storage management processes. The real value is when these workflow engines are integrated with storage management apps to not only guide administrators through the process, but provide them with information to make intelligent decisions and automate some of the more basic tasks.

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