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July 2013 Vol. 12 No. 5

Back to the future: Fleeting data storage technologies

Are all those new data storage technologies on the market actually new or is it déjà vu, only this time with cool new names masking the old ideas lurking underneath? A couple of suits in my closet have very wide lapels. I also have a few with skinny lapels. Given the limitations of men's fashion -- especially for "dress-up" clothes -- one of those styles is bound to come back, right? However, I did deep-six the Nehru jacket a long time ago, as I'm pretty sure that one will never come back. Style is a cyclical thing that goes beyond the world of fashion, so far beyond that it even affects data storage technologies. (You saw that coming, right?) If people lost interest in something four or five years ago, maybe if you just dust it off, make a tweak here or there, and give it a new name, it might just come back into vogue. Here's a classic old fashion/new fashion storage story. Hierarchical storage management (HSM) was a mainstay for mainframes but a bust for open storage systems implementations. It was largely manual, didn't solve...

Features in this issue

  • Best practices for SSD technologies

    by  Dennis Martin

    No longer a luxury item for well-heeled data centers, SSD technologies are more affordable than ever and come in a variety of form factors with a choice of deployment options.

  • Enterprise file sync-and-share applications

    by  Terri McClure and Kristine Kao

    Cloud-based file sync and share is becoming more popular as employees use their own devices to access corporate data. Here's what you need to know to keep your company's data safe.

  • Can LTFS save tape?

    by  George Crump

    The Linear Tape File System (LTFS) makes tape look like a file system, enabling drag-and-drop operations that resemble a NAS share. We'll see broader applications soon.

Columns in this issue