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Vol. 4 No. 5 July 2005

Storage security basics

When I was 25, I stopped going to the dentist. There was no rational thought to this decision; I was just young and stupid. At some point during this self-imposed dental hiatus, a tooth began to hurt, so I did what any idiotic twenty-something would do--I ignored it. I've regretted my decision ever since, suffering through root canals, gum surgery, multiple crowns and thousands of dollars in dental bills. You may (rightfully) ask what my misspent youth and dental hygiene have to do with storage. I look at the storage community and see users and vendors mimicking my (dental) apathy as they continue to pay little attention to security. It's not as if they've done a storage assessment and decided that it makes business sense to live with a certain amount of low-probability risk. Like my dental boycott, many storage professionals and vendors simply can't be bothered. Security evangelist Approximately two years ago, I realized just how insecure storage architecture and processes were, so I decided to become a storage security ...

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Features in this issue

  • Data classification: Getting started

    by  Karl Langdon and John Merryman

    Classifying data and knowing how its value changes over time will improve service levels, create a better working relationship with business units and reduce costs. (This tip is part of our Storage 101 tip series.)

  • How DBAs view storage

    Storage magazine's exclusive poll gives you the lowdown on how DBAs and storage pros view storage. We detail each group's areas of concern, spotlight their differences and find some common ground.

  • Clustering comes to NAS

    by  Alex Barrett

    Fed up with monolithic NAS boxes that don't scale? Clustering provides a way out of the management headache that's being perpetuated by some industry players.

Columns in this issue