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Vol. 8 Num. 8 November/December 2009

Energy conservation efforts still anemic

It's not a black-and-white decision when considering green storage. In our latest survey, only 31% of respondents said their companies have green initiatives or commitments in place, a drop of a few points from last year. While the dip is discouraging, those working toward power conservation report better results: 15% (vs. 12% last year) said their efforts exceed their expectations, while 36% report being right on target (a big jump from the 24% noted a year ago). There might also be a low-energy light at the end of the tunnel, with 16% of those surveyed (vs. 6% last year) expecting their companies to commit to green storage initiatives within a year. More than a third of respondents said they're using data deduplication, compression and virtualized storage to conserve storage energy; however, the biggest increases compared to last year were for thin provisioning (26% vs. 15%), solid-state drives (22% vs. 15%) and DC power (16% vs. 8%). Overall, 59% implemented these newer techs to help curb equipment power usage. Still, money ...

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Features in this issue

  • Hot storage technologies for 2010

    In our annual assessment, we pick five technologies we think will impact your storage operations in 2010. Read how VMware backup, solid-state storage, thin provisioning, 8 Gbps Fibre Channel and data dedupe for primary storage can change how you manage storage.

  • Energy conservation efforts still anemic

    Our Snapshot Survey reveals that "green storage" is still not top of mind for most storage managers. Some might be willing to spend more on systems that promise energy savings, but most are still dubious.

  • Virtual tape libraries in depth

    by  W. Curtis Preston

    Virtual tape libraries (VTLs) have been a relatively easy way to replace traditional tape libraries, but as other disk backup targets emerged, many thought VTLs would disappear. Now, with added features such as dedupe, they can be an attractive alternative to other disk target systems.

  • Salaries rise as storage grows

    In our exclusive annual survey charting the salaries and benefits of storage pros, many of them managed to see pay increases even as closings and layoffs sent some looking for new jobs. As data capacities grow, so does the need for dedicated storage pros.

  • Object storage gains steam as unstructured data grows

    Object storage isn't a new concept in the NAS world, but some new products are bypassing traditional file system interfaces as an industry debate emerges about the best way to cope with unstructured data.

Columns in this issue

  • Desktop virtualization: Better data protection?

    by  Lauren Whitehouse

    Backing up desktop/laptop PCs has been a thorn in the side of storage managers. Virtual desktop infrastructure technology can ease the burden of data protection for PCs, but it may not be a fit for all users.

  • Can we survive consolidation?

    Dedupe, server virtualization and data archivers are great tools to control storage capacity growth, but they treat the symptoms and don't provide true consolidation. Don't throw them out; use them better.